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We are principally a Design practice but we are also Enablers and often find ourselves heading up a team of people whose main aim is to make things happen. Those we work with regularly include structural engineers, land surveyors, quantity surveyors and landscape architects. We have also developed good working relationships with a selection of local construction companies alongside whom we work regularly to create the best possible results for our clients.


We design within the context of the Town and Country Planning system, as it exists in the West Country. Over twenty five years of experience in South Devon has taught us that whilst there is no certainty in 'planning', a good working knowledge of the local authority's interpretation of the current planning legislation goes a long way towards achieving success for our clients. We do our best to work with the Local Planning Authority in order to obtain the best results for the community as well as for those who pay our fees.

Historic Buildings

As fully qualified Conservation Architects we have many years experience of working within the rich field of beautiful ancient buildings that exists in Devon. We are regularly involved with the repair and protection of Listed Buildings and sometimes with their sensitive alteration to new uses. This knowledge and experience benefits our design work with new buildings so that they can also become the historic buildings of the future.

Green Oak Frame Construction

Our recent experience with the use of green oak structural frames has led us to embrace this construction method as being particularly appropriate for the twenty first century. This technology is able to combine a stunning visual appearance with excellent sustainability credentials, producing houses that look 'right' to many people, and it is leading us to recommend its use to increasing numbers of clients. We have been using a number of high quality natural materials for many years, updating traditional vernacular methods, and our recent experience with green oak only increases our regard and enthusiasm for its possibilities as an appropriate building material for sustainable new buildings.

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